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At the animal nursery you become a dog

with lots of love  

In your own environment or at an agreed location.

Can't your dog go with the walking service, does your dog have a medical problem, your dog simply can't walk loose  or, for example, you can't go in the morning, afternoon or evening, but you still want your dog to be let out for a while. Then you have come to the right place.


In collaboration with the Kennemerhondenschool we are an individual walking service  started. Do you have dog behavior problems in collaboration with Natasja Koning we will apply the prescribed training method.


The following price applies in Haarlem.
We charge 17.50 per 30 min walking time.

*Walking time starts as soon as we have the dog in our hands.

Outside a radius of 2 km  we charge € 0.40 cents per km. (this includes return journey)


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