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Babysitter at your home.

Are you unable to look after yourself for a short or longer period?
pet care. Then we are happy to offer our services to take care of your pet. You are no longer dependent
from friends, neighbors or family.

Our regular caretakers will ensure that you
pet is well taken care of during the period that you
temporarily unable to do.

If you are interested in this babysitting opportunity,
we can come to your home if you wish for a

Cat on Counter

What can you expect from us.

  • Caregiver comes daily or every other day to provide your pet with fresh water, food and cleans the litter box / poo corner

  • pays attention to the pet.

  • takes care of the coat if desired.

  • clipping nails for a fee

  • administer any medication.

  • clears up in the mail

  • water the plants if agreed.

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