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At the animal nursery you become a pet

received with much love and care during your holiday.

Rabbits and guinea pigs indoors or outdoors.

Curious Rabbit

The animals stay in a pen of the desired size in a dry, sheltered place inside or in the garden of the caretakers at home.

The animals are checked daily and are given fresh drinking water, fresh hay, dry feed and fresh green feed every day. 

To prevent flies, bad smells and wet lofts, the lofts are kept clean. At least three times a week, the wet spots are removed and a new layer of straw is added.

Of course we take into account special wishes and any medication.

For the summer period, the nursery has invested in heat-resistant roofing above our outdoor areas. The animals are placed in the pen with a cooling plate twice a day. We do our utmost to prevent overheating. Inside we keep everything as close as possible on hot days and here too we work with cooling elements.  

Cats can only be done at home.

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